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The ancient religious texts, passed down from generation-to-generation, are the basis of modern Hindu astrology. Vedas, which is the largest collection of texts that provide the theoretical basis for Hindu astrology and the Indian social and religious practices, is a key example. Tantra, however, is a younger and distinct body of teachings. It focuses on individual spirituality as well as transcendence. However, it cannot be classified as a religion or set of beliefs. It is about actively seeking out enlightenment. Vedas and Tantra are frequently seen as incompatible. Many believe that reconciliation is impossible. Astrologer Rajguru ji discovered a way.

Reconciling The Impossible

Astrologer Rajguruji strongly believes that all teachings are part of the truth. Adopting a confrontational attitude is not only inappropriate but also dangerous, and can prevent any deeper understanding. He spent a lifetime researching the intricate mechanics and principles of Hindu astrology. But, finding common ground between Vedic or Tantric astrology was not an easy task. Astrologer Rajguruji found the solution through years of hard work, analysis, and calculations. Astrologer Rajguru ji was able to create a concept from it, which he then used as a key element in his predictive model. Astrologer Rajguru Ji’s greatest achievement in life is the combination Tantric-Vedic. He is different from other Tantriks who use these occult sciences to their benefit, and not for human welfare. He uses all the occult sciences very scientifically.

Now He Wants to Help You

Astrologer Rajguru ji is has a simple philosophy. This is what guided him during his research efforts. He is a firm believer in equality and wants everyone to enjoy his success. It’s true. Astrologer Rajguru ji, the famous online astrologer is here to help. His proprietary predictive model makes him the best Tantric astrologer Porbandar. He offers daily Tantric-Vedic predictions and astrological insights.

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