Marriage is a pure and blessed bond and is a lifetime bond between two persons, in which two persons tie a knot to stay together for the time being. Marriage is a bond that is shaped, created and terminated by God’s choice and by itself. In marriage two individuals and the couple share the rest of their lives with each other or together. It is based on spiritual powers and rituals. Marriage is not only the joining of two persons in a bond or a relationship, but also of two families living in the same relationship throughout their lives.

Marriage is the most wonderful and very beautiful bond between two people. But sometimes problems arise in the relationship or in the marriage and ruin the whole relationship and spoil it completely. Husband-wife relationship is the best relationship in the whole world among other relationships. The basis of this relationship is love; Trust, great understanding and great correspondence are the most essential to a relationship.

There are many reasons for the complexity in the life of marriage and it causes dispute between husband and wife:-

  • Presence of a life partner or any negative yoga dosha (mangal dosha, kaal sarpa dosha).
  • Society’s pressure, family demands, husband abuse
  • Differences in ideas, lifestyle, ambitions and priorities
  • outside husband and wife affair
  • Confusion between husband and wife, problem of trust
  • Lack of happiness and peace in married life
  • Past few cases which are causing dispute between husband and wife

All these husband-wife disputes can be resolved by astrology services where your trust, patience is mainly needed to solve your perfect solution because astrology predictions have the power to know the smallest reason which That’s in the planets for some time. Sometimes husband-wife relationship has to survive many problems in marriage life where issues of trust, cheating external affairs are the main reason for all disputes.

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