Most people believe that all the events in a person’s life are caused by the movement of planets and stars. From the time of birth to all the important stages of life, planetary positions act as a source of information. Although the scientific proof of astrology is a controversial topic, most people believe that astrology is scientific, as the practice of astrology uses scientific knowledge about celestial objects and scientific tools such as star charts. Some use the practice to create expectations about people’s personalities and future events, similar to scientific ideas. Some even claim that astrology is supported by evidence, such as the experiences of those who feel that astrology worked for them.

Many people discuss astrology using scientific checklists to evaluate daily use of astrology. Astrology deals solely with the celestial bodies, such as the Sun, Moon, constellations and planets, which directly affect the earthly bodies and events. Astrology follows a set of rules regarding the position and motion of celestial bodies in order to make predictions and explanations of events on Earth. Sometimes the expectations generated by astrology become so normal that people start understanding them as per the expectations. Hence, it points to astrology as a non-testable practice. On the other hand, many have used this practice to generate specific expectations that people often verify against results from the natural world.

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