Sometimes a married couple also has to face the problem of not having children. Not having a child is the most painful reality any couple can face. It not only creates rift between husband and wife but also creates frustration due to social pressure. If you are also going through hell because of this problem, but this childless problem solution will be very beneficial for you. These astrological childless problem solutions have proved to be very helpful for the couples who are infertile and want to have a child.

Childless Problem Solution by Raj Guruji

Since this issue can also lead to estrangement between husband and wife and can lead to divorce, you must also understand that using these astrological remedies to prevent divorce should also be included. Since the social and peer pressure is so high in these matters it is important to protect your marriage from such negative situations by using astrological remedies to prevent divorce. If you feel that pressure and negativity is taking a toll on your marriage which is causing day to day disputes then you should use these astrological remedies.

  • Plant a Tulsi plant in your house and worship it with kumkum and vermilion every morning. Light a lamp and pray for blessings in your marriage. This astrological remedy should be done by the women of the house only.
  • Another astrological remedy to prevent divorce is to worship Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati on every Monday and offer water, milk and Belpatra to the Shivling. Offer red chunri and kumkum to Goddess Parvati. Now take a sacred thread (Moli) and tie it around Shiva and Parvati and pray for their marriage. This is one of the very effective astrological remedies to prevent divorce.
  • If you are suffering from infertility problem and want to get the blessings of being a parent then use this childless problem solution. Chant this Sanatan Mantra “M Shring Hring Kleng Devaki Satu Govind Vasudev Jagat Pate Deh Meinaya Krish Tvamah Sharanmagatha” 2100 times daily. Get detailed method and method of reciting Sanatan Mantra from our experts. Since Vashikaran mantras are a very effective childless problem solution, you should also do them in the right way to get the desired results.

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